The Numbers in English, Pronunciation Practice

ESL Podcast Two:  This podcast will help you learn how to pronounce some of the numbers in English. Without a doubt, it’s important to know the names of the numbers in English and also how to say them. You can be sure that one day a person will ask you for your phone number, and you will need to be able to say your phone number using the correct numbers. Don’t overlook learning the numbers in English! Numbers are used almost every day, and accuracy and good pronunciation will eliminate confusion.

Practice Your English:  When you listen to this podcast, it is important to repeat the numbers after you hear them. Don’t be shy. Say the numbers out loud in order to practice your pronunciation. In order to improve your pronunciation, it’s necessary to practice saying the numbers out loud. If you are learning the numbers for the first time, or you are not confident in how to say them, then you will need to listen to the recording several times.

Learning Advice:  At the end of the podcast is a YES, You Can Learning Tip on how to say the numbers. The tip is simple but will definitely help you learn the numbers quickly.  The tip is each day when you see a number, say the number to yourself in English.  For example, if you are out shopping and you see a sign at a store that says, “Open 24 Hours”, say the number 24 to yourself. Don’t just read the number silently. Say the number loud enough, so you can hear yourself! Do this every time you see a number, and it will help you learn the numbers.  You may be surprised at how many numbers you see each day and how fast you learn them!

What are some other ways that you can learn the numbers in English? Please click on “leave a comment” at the bottom of this post and submit your tip. I look forward to reading your suggestions! 🙂

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