The Imperative in English

“Come sit with me.”

Do you like telling people what to do? Are you using the imperative? Keep reading to learn about requests in English.

When does a person use the imperative? A person uses the imperative mood when they make commands or requests. If there is not a stated subject, then the subject is understood as “you.” The form of the verb in the imperative is the root (or base) form of the verb.

In the example sentence, “Come sit with me.” there are two verbs in the imperative: “come” and “sit.” The word “and” is usually put between two verbs when you have an imperative sentence requesting that a person do two actions.

But, in our example, the word “and” is not needed. I believe when you use the verbs “come” or “go” with a second verb in the imperative then inserting “and” between the two verbs is not needed. Any grammar experts who have any insights about this, please comment. 😀

To soften the request or command, add the word “please.” For example, “Please come sit with me.

Fun fact: I sent the photo and the example sentence in a text message to my wife as she waited in the car while I took the photo. 😅

Are you comfortable using the imperative when you speak in English?

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