Learn How to Pronounce the English Alphabet with This Video

The English Alphabet 

It’s important to know how to pronounce the letters of the English alphabet because at some point you will need to spell your name or address when speaking with someone. When you know how to pronounce the letters of the alphabet, you’ll be ready! Don’t feel bad, if someone asks you how to spell your name, this also happens to native speakers of English. It’s also very common to spell email addresses when a person asks you for it so that’s another reason to know how to pronounce the letters.

26 Letters

The English Alphabet has 26 letters and really the best way to learn how to say the letters is by practicing. Saying the letters out loud will help you remember them. You will need to practice the saying the alphabet many times, there really is no short cut. However, I do think that it’s wise to learn how to say the letters in your name and learn these letters first. Knowing how to spell your name is a real world practical thing to know how to do.

A Place to Practice

Saying the letters out loud is crucial to improving your pronunciation, so don’t be shy. When I was learning the Spanish alphabet, I would practice saying the letters while driving to work in the morning. Why not? I was by myself, and who cares if anyone saw me. 🙂 After a few commutes, it was mission accomplished, and I had the alphabet memorized. Hint, hint, if you’re looking for a place to practice your pronunciation!


The video below will help you learn how to say each letter of the English alphabet. In addition, there is an example sentence that corresponds to each letter, so the video will also help you learn some new vocabulary. Yea Bonus! Remember, practice saying the alphabet out loud, and you will quickly have all the sounds memorized.

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